Library Miceketeers
Julia Silva and Julieta Fuentes from 1st medio B have been chosen as our first “Library Miceketeers” this year for their dedication and love to the library. There are only two this time, but I hope that next year many more students will join us! Each of them will also be individually known as a...
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We would like to share with you a true story which happened on the shelves of our Middle and Senior School Library. A curious visitor, an unnamed mouse, decided that our haven of knowledge was the perfect setting for his next great adventure. This little explorer was looking for nothing more than to be able...
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Nuestros estudiantes de IV° Medio recibieron sus últimas Pupil’s card en Biblioteca.Este es el comienzo de un año lleno de emociones y nuevos desafíos. Estamos emocionados de acompañarlos en este importante tramo de su educación y les deseamos todo lo mejor en este nuevo y último año escolar.
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AND HERE WE GO AGAIN !First week and already our Library springs to life!We hope we will have a wonderful year, full of new challenges, full of new learning,Never forget all the good times you will encounter in our Junior Library.We are happy to see you back !
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Guess where? Yes! During these last two weeks we have been enjoying some special moments in the Junior Library, with Mums and Dads coming to read Christmas stories to our little ones. Oh what delicious gifts they gave us! Every class had their Christmas storytime. Thank you Mums and Dads for sharing your time during...
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