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The English Department at Redland seeks to shape students as independent communicators, who have curious minds and a passion for learning. We aim at developing confidence in communication and, at the same time, understanding the cultural background to which it is related, and using it as a path to multicultural and international mindedness.  We focus on qualities such as acceptance when listening to others and exchanging different ideas, together with empathy when dealing with different realities, using formats such as multimedia, news articles, blogs, novels, short stories, plays and others.

We approach language to develop social, self-management, research and thinking, and communication skills. These are all essential and integral aspects of the IB programme, which lies at the core of our school curriculum.

These skills are enhanced through the analysis of local and global issues, promoting the understanding of today’s world. Language plays a crucial role in connecting students to literature, as well as being the means of producing diverse responses to different texts which vary in genre, including those that are non-literary.

Classes are planned with a student-centered focus, allowing them to become the protagonists of the different sessions.  The teacher becomes a mediator and guides them into achieving their goals and developing their skills to the highest of their potential. Through this approach, we ensure that our children are always working on projects, presentations, role plays and so many other problem-solving activities which help students acquire autonomy and independence.

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Andrea Gaete

Profesora Jefe 3° Medio A

Head of Foreign Languages Department

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Valentina Greene

Head of English Department

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External Assesment

Language A: Language and Literature tests the analysis of how language affects both literary and non-literary texts, considering English as the first language. 

Language B: This exam considers English as a second language and tests language skills as well as the understanding of different global themes.

PET: (Preliminary English Test): standardised Cambridge examination, shows that English can be used in practical, everyday situations.