The ” Library Mouse ” Competition!

We would like to share with you a true story which happened on the shelves of our Middle and Senior School Library. A curious visitor, an unnamed mouse, decided that our haven of knowledge was the perfect setting for his next great adventure. This little explorer was looking for nothing more than to be able to dive into the magical world of books. However, on his exciting journey he escaped and wandered freely around the School, enjoying the freedom and sights that our establishment has to offer. We realised that capturing our friend would be no easy task, especially as calling him by name was not an option… BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE! Instead of catching him, we decided to admire his adventurous spirit, reminding us of the importance of curiosity and discovery.
And although he makes surprise appearances from time to time, he remains that mysterious, nameless explorer we all hope to see once in a while…
Inspired by our friend, we are launching the “Library Mouse” competition, designed for students from 5th Basico to 4th Medio. Your mission is twofold: provide a name for our intrepid mouse and write a story about his adventures around the library and the school.
How to participate?
Innovation: Come up with a unique name for our mouse.
Creativity: Write a story that tells of this character’s adventures through the library and school.
Presentation: Deliver your printed or handwritten work to the library by the 18th of April.
Prizes: The most original and creative story will be rewarded with a surprise prize, in recognition of your effort and creativity. The winner will be announced on Book Day.
Why Participate? Here is your chance to show your creativity, improve your storytelling skills and be part of the reading community, while having fun creating and sharing your stories.
Get inspired, write and let your library mouse come to life on an unforgettable adventure!