British Embassy Cup Writing Event 2023

Last Monday 17th April, Redland hosted a very important ABSCH event. The Department of Foreign Languages organised the British Embassy Cup Writing Event 2023, which this year was particularly special due to the significant number of member schools participating and the high quality of ideas shared by the pupils.

Very early in the morning, the first participants arrived and pupils and teachers bonded from the moment they started interacting with one another. Pupils wrote their essays on interesting topics such as war and social media, ethics and photography, the relevance of literature fitting within social norms and how freedom of speech coexists with respect towards minorities.

Meanwhile, teachers participated in a workshop led by Ms. Anna Brown and Mr Javier Yoacham, where they were able to share practices related to the teaching of writing and where creativity, accuracy and wide reading opportunities were revealed as the most important assets. At lunch, teachers and pupils spent time together and forgot they were competing against each other, demonstrating camaraderie, shared support and interest.

The last activity programmed was a creative writing workshop for all participants, led by the journalist/teacher/author Laura Wippel, who used her own experience of becoming a writer to inspire these young authors.All in all, we want to congratulate every participant who contributed such valuable work, as according to the judges this was an outstanding year in terms of the ideas illustrated and developed in the essays.

The winning places went to: Third Place: Bárbara Chechilnitzky (The Grange School); Second Place: Fernanda Lagno (Wenlock School) and First Place: Alicia Castro (Redland School). YES!!!! The Cup stayed at home! Many congratulations to Alicia who did a superb job and made us all very proud.