Last Friday 29th October, the English Department held the awards ceremony for the Writing Competition. On this occasion, we wanted to praise creativity, originality and hard work that our children put into their writing. Many pupils had participated in this competition which took place throughout August. We received 62 entries in total and it was a real pleasure to read all the writing talent in our School. 

Firstly, we are pleased to announce a special Honourable Mention in 2nd Grade to:

Catalina Saldías

Vicente Díaz

Lucía Christie

Sofía Ulloa

Benjamín Berndt

Raimundo Soza

Matías Palacios

Matilda Espinoza

Then, we are proud to announce the winners and honourable mentions of the competition by category:


María Elena Quintana 4th A – Winner

Lucía Ariztía 4th B – Honourable Mention


Consuelo Muñoz 6th A – Winner

Maite Uribe 5th B – Honourable mention


Javiera Cox 7B – Winner

Agustín Schminke 7B – Honourable Mention

Lucía Hidalgo 8A – Honourable Mention

1st-2nd Medio

Tomás Viera – Winner

Diego Tomasevic – Honourable Mention

We are very proud of our winners and we invite everyone to participate next year!